Sunday, July 7, 2013

Linkedin Vietnam

I've found Linkedin's capabilities as a website for networking and jobs always a bit lackluster, but lately my own email notifications have been getting stranger and stranger from Vietnamese sources.

I decided to take to the website to investigate after posting this to Twitter last week:

Someone on Linkedin has either a serious sense of humor or has been learning strategies from my Tweets as no sooner than a day later I got invitations from these two:

What are the odds? Both managers of the Fishing Group! Very fishy...or phishy? Or just all coincidence?

Ever since the first tweet, I've wondered to what degree do these people "exist" if pictures are being used with different names and different jobs and the same picture or with the same position but different people. A little Google image searching and we find that Pham Thu Hai is either 1.) Mingyin Tan's doppelganger (see below), 2.) so hideously ugly that she had to borrow someone else's picture...for Linkedin marketing purposes. And yes, these are the only 2 options.

Chinese architect who has gone rogue by becoming...Vietnamese HR manager under witness protection program (foiled by Google)

Needless to say I'm torn between not connecting with these folks or connecting with them and endorsing them for skills they are grossly unqualified for (take that!)

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